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Sistema is the first AI-powered software instrument that helps you easily create
pro-quality sounds for your music.

How it works

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Describe a desired sound with a text prompt.


Hit the button and let Sistema create the sound for you till you like the result.


Make the generated sound completely yours by tweaking built-in macro parameters.

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And finally

Save your favourite sound and enjoy!

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No more writer's block

Sistema uses AI models to provide a endless new sounds and textures, helping you to overcome creative blocks. Unique preset names add a fun twist to each session.

Easy workflow

Sistema's advanced technology produces high-quality sound without the clutter of traditional synthesizers. Control various aspects of your sounds with the built-in macro collection featuring multiple effects.

Boost your creativity

Create or tweak sounds in any genre from Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock & Pop to House, Indie & Metal.

Use it Anywhere

Be it live performance, song-writing or production session, sound design or sample packs production. All of your saved presets are securely stored in the cloud and accessible to you anywhere, instantly.

Light and fast

Even a dozen instances of Sistema in your project will leave more CPU power for additional effects. And it takes just a few megabytes from your disk space. It's compatible with every major DAW.

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