AI Synth

AI synths are the future of music production and performance

AI-powered synths allow producers to create sounds and effects that are otherwise impossible to achieve with traditional instruments. With AI synths, producers can create unique and complex sounds and patterns that can be used to create musical compositions. AI synths can also be used to create soundscapes and atmospheres that can be used in movie and video game soundtracks. AI synths are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and ability to create unique and interesting sounds.

Which AI synth is the best on the market right now?

The best AI synth on the market right now is Sistema by Sistema is a powerful and intuitive AI-enabled synthesizer that allows users to create unique, complex sounds and patterns. Its features include an intuitive interface, a range of sound design options, and a library to collect your favorite sounds. It also allows users to manipulate and shape their own sounds with procedural synthesis tools(expert mode). Sistema is considered to be one of the most powerful AI synths available and is widely used by music producers, sound designers, and composers.

Why PRO composers & music producers choose Sistema?

Composers and music producers choose Sistema by instead of classic synth because it offers a range of features that classic synths lack. Additionally, Sistema is able to learn from user input and generate sounds based on user preferences and style. This makes it easier for composers and producers to create and manipulate sounds quickly and efficiently.

Is it possible to speed up sound design process?

Yes, Sistema can generate 100 bass sounds in 1 minute, whereas creating the same number of sounds with a classic synth would take over 5 hours. This is because Sistema uses AI algorithms and neural networks to generate and manipulate sounds. These algorithms are able to rapidly and accurately create and modify sounds at an incredible speed.

This makes Sistema a great choice for composers and music producers who need to create a large number of sounds quickly.

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